Foot Care

Inter County Nursing Service offers foot care in the home and in community based clinics. The clinics are open to persons of all ages.

The procedure for the foot cares will be as follows:

A complete visual inspection of all aspects of the foot will be done prior to foot care.

Anyone with an open area or an area that appears infected will be refused service and referred to their family physician. Any areas of the foot or leg that are of concern to the nurse, will be handled as if it were an open area and the same procedure will be followed. These persons will not be allowed to return to the foot care clinic until they have a note of clearance from their physician.

Foot soak with warm water followed by trimming and filing of the toenails. Each participant will be responsible to bring their own towel.

No corn or callous removal will be done.

All equipment will be cleaned using an antimicrobial solution. It is at the discretion of the nurse whether or not to wear gloves during foot cares.

Please call 218-681-0876 to schedule an appointment at one of our clinics in Pennington County.  Call 218-253-4378 for a clinic in Red Lake County.